3D Scanners

3D scanners have revolutionized the field of orthodontics by providing a safe, accurate, and efficient alternative to messy, traditional putty impression techniques to capture the precise details of a patient’s dental anatomy. At Smile Orthodontics by Dr. Sarah, these cutting-edge tools are used to create detailed, three-dimensional digital models of a patient’s teeth and surrounding structures. 3D scanners capture thousands of data points by emitting a harmless beam of light to create a full-color, high-resolution image in minutes. Plus, your patient experience is now much more comfortable, with no goopy, messy, or bad-tasting molds!

This cutting-edge technology enhances the diagnostic process and enables orthodontists to design personalized treatment plans tailored to each patient’s unique needs. The vivid and detailed 3D models facilitate better communication between orthodontists and their patients, allowing them to better visualize the expected outcomes of their treatment. Overall, 3D scanners have significantly improved the patient experience and paved the way for more advanced orthodontic treatments.

Ceph Training

Ceph Tracing

Ceph Tracing is a high-tech imaging tool that allows our team to accurately evaluate and create treatment plans for patients. At Smile Orthodontics by Dr. Sarah, we use Ceph Tracing to learn more about a patient’s craniofacial structure, find skeletal differences and malocclusions, and look at how the teeth, jaw, and skull parts fit together. It helps us determine how the teeth are growing and how effective your orthodontic treatment is so that treatment plans can be made to fit each person’s needs.

Ceph Tracing also lets Dr. Sarah track how well the treatment works and make necessary changes to get the best results. Ceph Tracing is an important tool in modern orthodontics because it gives information about complex spatial relationships and movement patterns. This makes treatments much more predictable and successful.

Digital X-Rays

Digital X-Rays

At Smile Orthodontics by Dr. Sarah, digital X-rays are a key part of diagnosing and creating treatment plans for all levels of orthodontic issues. Modern technology is used to make these high-resolution images, which use less radiation than traditional film-based X-rays. This keeps the patient safe and comfortable. A sensor or phosphor plate is used in digital radiography to get clear pictures of the teeth, bones, and soft tissues. These images are instantly saved and shown on a computer screen. This lets the orthodontist change the images for better clarity, compare them to previous scans, and easily share them with the patient or other dental professionals if needed.

Virtual Appointments

Virtual Appointments

Virtual appointments have been rapidly gaining popularity in our East Hampton and Southampton locations due to the many advantages it offers families. These appointments provide our patients with increased convenience and accessibility, time and cost savings, streamlined referrals, increased patient satisfaction, and improved patient engagement. Whether you or your child has a busy schedule or you are not comfortable coming into our office due to feeling under the weather, our virtual appointments are a super convenient option. 

Digital Patient Communication.

Digital Patient Communication

For your convenience, all of your appointments can be scheduled and rescheduled online! You can also manage your treatment through our patient portal. We employ text messages as an easy way to communicate with a real person, not just a robot sending reminders (though we do that too if you like!), so there is no phone tag necessary at our office.